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Acoustics window plugs division

Turn any window in to acoustic baffle! in minuets.

Stop unwanted noise, reflection and flutters in side and out side your room and window. This will ensure that your voice and your recording will sound top of the line. Perfect for voice over work, Sporting events, Vocal tracks and home recordings. Acoustic window plugs are made to fit in to the inside of your window seal. Window noise can interrupt your sound recording, making it Miserable for Singer, music producers, song writers & voice over artiest to get a great track. Acoustic window plugs will reduce the noise in window by 85/90%.

VoiceCube only sell top of the line high quality acoustic foam, density 2.0 lbs. The higher density means better sound control by reducing the noise level when it passing through your windows. When properly installed, you'll receive about a 90/95% improvement from window noise.

NOTE: Installation - The window plug installs in about 1 min and un-installs in the same time, easy as 1,2,3 fast. You will see a dramatic Improvement in your room/office. the window plug will control about 85/95% of all sound waves coming throw your window but at the same time it Will control the sound wave inside of your room as well. it will absorb the reverberation and reflection sound wave in your room. Think of a sound wave just as water we need to absorb it. By installing the window plug you will turn your window in the a acoustic baffle!
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Acoustic foam Acoustic foam Acoustic foam Acoustic foam

1.) Send email: Window dimensions, It needs to be exactly right.
2.) Height x width x thickness of jam of window.
3.) Full name.
4.) Phone:
5.) Email: send email

Make sure that the measurement are exactly for a snug fit inside the window jam. If there is not a window sill to hold the foam in place, we recommend using some of Music4less Studio Foam Mounting Velcro can be provide as an options to adhere your foam to the window. Shipping: We ship by UPS, FEDEX and USPS, US post is a lot cheaper but slower,! all sales are final.