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The VoiceCube wrap pro 4" Thick
double sided wedge - Pro Microphone shield for your mic - (all la carte) that means you are only buying the wrap, no accessories.

Handcrafted and molding to perfection!
Your mic needs to be in a sound proof booth, but you dont have to be!

Its finally here!

The top of the line pro level portable vocal booth thats lightweight and inexpensive, providing you excellent sound quality pro audio recording. The VoiceCube wrap pro (tm) ! It’s excellent for recording voice-overs, hot vocal tracks, acosutic recording. The Voicecube Gladiator is made in the USA by a sound engineer, whose expertise is backed by over 25 years of experience.

The VoiceCube wrap pro: is a pro level microphone shield/portable vocal booth that eliminates unwanted noise, reflections, and flutters inside and out of the box, ensuring a top quality voice and recording output. Its perfect for voice-overs, sporting events, hot vocal tracks, home/office recordings, and other sound uses. The Voicecube Gladiator is recommended by music producers, singers, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie soundmen, and audio engineers alike.

The VoiceCube wrap pro Made in the USA by a music producer, song writer and sound engineer with over 25 year of experience in the business. I know what works! Praised by music producers, singer, song writers, voice talents, musicians, movie sound-men and audio engineers alike. Made of open cell polyester foam, the VoiceCube (tm) wrap is designed to trap and absorb sound energy. It is ideal for use in rehearsal space, radio stations, recording studios, and home studios. It also works best for voice-over work,hot vocal track and acoustic audio recording.

The Voicecube Wrap pro: Is a Portable vocal booth for professional artists, for vocal tracks or Voice over work, assembles in minutes GREAT PRODUCT FOR A GREAT PRICE. The voicecube wrap: Is 4" thick, double sided wedge shaped on both sides for maximum absorption of noise control.
Each wrap measures 24 Inc x 48 Inc x 4 Inc thick.
The wraps are used in conjunction with the voicecube product or alone.

  • Ideal to use in very large room with above average reverberation to ensure maximum noise control.
  • You can use it alone or with the pro level microphone shield/portable vocal booth or stand along.
  • The VoiceCube wrap pro mounts on top of (#3) three telescope mic stands, You can use the The VoiceCube wrap pro three different ways. It’s ready to use straight from the box. No hardware is required. use this product as an acoustic baffle, vocal booth or a pro level microphone shield.
  • Includes: Qty #1 The VoiceCube wrap pro.
  • Includes: Qty #1 Inc meda ports.
  • Includes: Qty #1 - 3" Acoustic foam plug with a 1/2 inc foam plug.
  • Includes: Qty #3 Adjustable mic stand's round base.
  • Each unit is equipped with five (5) precisely cut holes on the side, making set easy as 1, 2, 3.
  • Adding Qty #2 VoiceCube wrap pro, behind you and in front well greatly exorb, and control the sound wave around you ( Like a circle ), By doing this it will help with the over all reverberation problem in your room and around you. The more The VoiceCube wrap pro you use around you the more of a maximum sound wave control you will have in your room and round your mic's. That what you need and wont in any studio, Voice-over Or vocal tracks work.
    Check on the links below to see the multiple uses of VoiceCube (tm) wrap:
  • The VoiceCube wrap pro: - Requires three (#3) telescope Mic Stand.
  • The VoiceCube wrap pro: - requires #3 telescope Mic Stand.
  • The VoiceCube wrap pro/Baffles: - requires #2 telescope Mic Stand.
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